New Album “Light” Out Now

‘Light’ is the long-awaited follow-up to Chronovalve’s Home Normal debut ‘Trace of Light’, which was met with critical acclaim. ‘Light’ continues this work with positivity of spirit and open-hearted ambient refrains.

‘Even in the most ordinary moments of life, one can get a feeling that there is an inspiration, a light trying to reach through to us. A person, a place, a sound or a song might unexpectedly open us to that light. These songs are inspired by, and explore that experience…that hope… that possibility…’

Mike Engebretson (Chronovalve)

New Album “Light”

Really happy to announce that my 2nd album “Light” will be released in August on Home Normal Records. As the follow up to “Trace of Light”, the music continues its evolution with the themes of light and inspiration.