Main Circuit Bending about

The circuit bent Musini makes some incredible drones and rich textures - and it's in stereo! 

Originally a musical childrens toy with a sophisticated internal midi sound generator, a whole new world of tones is opened up with the addition of a glitch control.   I've been using some of these sounds in my new music! 

Modifications include: a single glitch button with threshold knob, a soft reset button for crash recovery or to reset and search for a new glitch and a pitch knob that only affects the pitch when in drone/glitch mode.  Knobs are vintage 70's stereo receiver.  


Musini Metamorph

A song made with only with samples taken from from the Musini in glitch mode.  Recordings of the Musini were placed into FL Studio. The samples were played and arranged into this glitchy ambient song. 

Circuit Bent Musini Audio Samples

A collage of some of the sounds from the Great Musini. 

No effects other than compression have been added.