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"Trace of Light" by Chronovalve

Released June, 2013 on Home

Normal Records.

Available now on CD & mp3

Listen & purchase info: Here


02.17.16 - A thank you to Mikael K. for including Chronovalve track "Fathom" in this soothing ambient                   mix. "features tracks from Heathered Pearls, Christopher Willits, Loscil, Enigma,                             Chronovalve"

02.12.15 - Adam Harper lists music he liked in 2014 including Chronovalve "Trace of Light" among                     others. A great list for discovering some new and interesting music.     read more .  

12.11.14 -Ian Hawgood has put together a wonderful 2hr mix of music from his Home Normal Label                   including some yet to be released material. So glad to be part of this.   listen here .  

10.22.14 - Igloo Magazine’s latest mix includes the title track from “Trace of Light”. This mix is                           dreamy, mysterious and everything else you could want in an ambient listening                                 experience.   listen here .  

08.13.14 - Home Normal celebrates five years with the release of “Elements”. Over 60 artists are                       featured on this 5 disc compilation. The included vintage slides and photo add a nice                         touch to some beautiful packaging. Chronovalve track “In Silence” appears on disc three.
                more here .

04.21.14 - New Chronovalve track "In Silence" to be released on Home Normal's "Elements"
                compilation. All proceeds to be donated to charity. So excited to be part of this!

01.17.14 - Chronovalve track "Memories Still With Us" is featured in Surgeryradio's wonderful ambient                 mix #129.   listen here .   A calming atmospheric mix with some great artists indeed.

12.05.13 - Sgustok Magazine's latest podcast includes Chronovalve track "Respite". read more .

10.14.13 - New Video:

A short video for the tiltle track: "Trace of Light"

09.13.13 - Japan's "Cookie Scene" gives a nice review to Trace of Light. read more .

07.26.13 - Stationary Travels said some nice things about "Trace of Light":
                " . . .an exceptionally pure & atmospheric ambient debut . . . " read more .

07.10.13 - New Video:

A wonderful short video by Home Normal for part of
"Memories Still With Us".

06.24.13 - Norman Records gives "Trace of Light" a five star review. "Beautiful music." read more .

06.17.13 - Repose Sound said some nice things: "Trace of Light is stunning. If the life and warmth that our star gives us had a sound, it would be this." review here .

05.16.13 - Pre-orders are up for both CD and digital here . You can listen to the first three songs.

05.14.13 - Song samples of upcoming CD are up on SoundCloud Listen .

03.04.13 - A nice introduction and CD release announcement on the Home Normal label website.

12.07.12 - New CD to be released on Home Normal records soon.



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