Main Circuit Bending about

A circuit bent Concertmate 370.  This is the Radio Shack version of a Casio SA-8 or SA-9?  Glitching the memory sets it into chaotic audio motion with random loops of strange sounds and textures.  Subsequent presses of the glitch buttons can add new random sounds and distortions or may simply cause a crash. 

Added features: push button glitch, two-way momentary glitch toggle switch, XXL threshold knob to "fine tune" the glitch points, a reset button for crash recovery,  line out jack with speaker cut off switch. 

Audio Sample:

A compilation of some of the sounds created by this device. 

Compression and a stereo effect have been added.

While I was preparing the above audio sample I could'nt help but notice the interesting wave forms produced by the Concertmates glitchy sounds.   Along with it's strange audio output, it is visualy interesting as well!