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ambient . minimal . atmospheric . music

Chronovalve is the music project of sound artist and musician Mike Engebretson.  He finds inspiration in wonder, mystery and other such experiences that might best be conveyed through the medium of music.  Every new song becomes a journey of discovery . . .

From the Home Normal Label:

"We came across his work with a previous release on the wonderful Smallfish Records he did.  Mike (the Smallfish head, not Mike E) gave us a copy of his work, with Isnaj Dui and some bvdub as well, and like those artists, his work just blew us away.”

“His work has always been wonderfully melodic and textured, but ‘Trace of Light’ develops further with its choral tone, and haunting (even angelic) melodies and structures.  It may well have taken its time to get here, but we are so glad that it finally has.  Take your time, and enjoy!”


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